Welcome to the Fam! Pop & Suki Camera Bag Unboxing

img_7703_20161204185444The bag created by best friends turned entrepreneurs Suki Waterhouse and Poppy Jamie has blown up in the Instasphere.


You may have caught celebs like Lucy Hale, Nina Dobrev, and of course Cara Delavigne rocking these personalised cross bodies.

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Since my beloved Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac started to show some wear and tear, I’ve been on the hunt for a small black cross body bag. I wanted something that was minimal, light, and unique. I am someone who really wears their bags if you know what I mean. They certainly do take a beating. For that reason, I wasn’t looking to shell out big bucks for a high-end designer piece. I really loved the look of the Gucci camera bag, so I began scouring the web for similar shapes that were also made with real quality leather.

Thanks to Refinery29, I discovered the Pop & Suki brand. Their aesthetic was right up my street. It is personalised, minimal, and an everyday bag for the girl on the go. It felt like it was made by friends for friends.

*This post is not sponsored btw, just genuinely so excited about this bag*

I ordered the black camera bag with white lettering on the bottom. I also purchased an extra black short leather tassel accessory for a fun touch.

img_7700_20161204135952 img_7704_20161204140054

I had it mailed to my house in Taiwan, so the shipping took a little longer. Luckily, there is free international shipping. The tassel arrived first about 2.5 weeks after I ordered it. The bag arrived 1 month later which was as expected since it took time for it to be personalised and to get shipped form California.

img_7705_20161203100943 img_7706_20161203101304 img_7707_20161203101358

The products arrived in while mailing boxes with a white branded tape with pastel pink accents. The contents were secure and the bag was incase in a smooth baby pink box with a clear window. You can see the blush pink dust bag peeking out~ Tassel arrived separately, also in a white box. The actually tassel was in a pink plastic zipped baggie.

img_7710_20161203101733 img_7713_20161203102108 img_7708_20161203101613

The contents sat atop a bed of pastel pink tissue paper and a handwritten printing thank you card from the founders. The bag has true gold tone hardware with the Pop & Suki logo embossed. Tags all come unattached as see in the far right photo.
img_7711_20161203101912 img_7712_20161203102035 img_7715_20161203102252

FYI: You can only print up to 6 characters on the bottom (Luckily just made the cut). Love the font they used. It reminds me of a bubbly type of cursive. The crossbody strap comes separately wrapped in the box. They offer various different accessories which can be attached via the 2 golden hoops on each side of the bag. The inside of the bag is lined with a blush pink cottony fabric (took the tissue paper out of the bag, so you can see the depth).

First Impressions:

Slow delivery, but good tracking service

Great packaging

Nice quality and beautiful lettering

Smooth and functional zipper

smaller than expected

Can’t really open the bag very wide

adjustable strap allows for perfect length

Hope this post was informative for those of you interested in this bag. I am so excited to start wearing this little one out and will report back soon with my thoughts. Stay tuned!





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