What’s in my Travel Apps Folder: NYC Edition



Although Manhattan has some very nice neighborhoods to stroll through, chances are you are still going to need convenient transportation services to get you from point A to point B. Here’s 5 apps that helped me navigate through the concrete jungle whilst avoiding the dreadful MTA.

Google Maps


This will be your best friend. This will be essential in helping you navigate around this city. There are a few nifty features that make is WAY better than maps on your iPhone.

It has the most up to date restaurants and companies/businesses

It gives you the options of car, train/bus, or walking with estimated walking time, notifications for delays (crucial to keep on top of if you plan on taking the subway), and gives you the most accurate estimated times.

It will also help you decide whether to suffer on the MTA, take a car service, or just walk J

Side note: when you are looking are your route, there is a little blue arrow that lets you know what direction you are going in as you are walking. Its quite small, so I’ve never noticed it before and I ended up walking the wrong direction a lot of the times, so look out for it!



This is my most frequented car service app, used it so much in 4 months that I get upgraded to a black car every time. But the best part about get is that there is NO SURGE CHARGE. This is a huge deal in Manhattan when rush hour is hell and traffic can get ridiculous. Sometimes lyft and uber surcharge can go up to 200% !



I downloaded this to have more options in case I wasn’t able to get a Gett or Uber. But watch out on social media, because lyft often collaborates with celebrities to give out promo codes. During Halloween, they partnered up with Kendall Jenner and gave $10 off for 5 rides! Both lyfts I took when visiting DC were under $10 so they were free!

Check out this for 20% off your ride this week (12/5 – 12/11) to or from an outdoor iceskating rink in Manhattan!



Second to Gett, this is my most frequented car service. Via is a car share service. Most rides won’t cost you more than $8 dollars and when they have promos, sometime its 50% off! Good for when you are not in a hurry, because there is no guarantee for your ETA.

Side note: you are not allowed to talk on the phone when on a via, found that out the hard way.



The OG car service app. Don’t think I really need to elaborate. I only ever take uber if I am going to the airport, or if I am using the company card. Reason being the surcharge and it just usually ends up being more expensive.

But for the airport, it will be cheaper than a cab!

Just to throw in an extra one: JUNO


On some gett’s or lyfts, you will see the driver’s phone displaying something that says “ask about how to get 30% off your ride”. Ask! Because that means they are driving for the new service, Juno. Whilst it is in beta testing all rides in NYC are 35% off!

Bottom line: 

Having multiple car service apps increases your chances of getting a ride. Especially when freak weather hits and cars are getting booked like crazy. MTA can often be delayed and just be a nightmare to ride. But you gotta do what you gotta do. Even then, still prefer walking. Manhattan is full of little gems waiting to be explored on feet!


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